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Charlotte Roach - from road accident to Rabble

Five years ago I was training for the 2012 Olympics. I was 'living the dream' as a full time athlete. I had a small taste of international success, running internationally, being mentored by Kelly Holmes and being selected to train full-time…
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The 2012 Legacy open goal, don't miss it!

A viewpoint from Anthony Franklin of Fibodo The London 2012 Olympics inspired the nation – just as politicians said it would. A uniting feel-good spectacle that delivered on infrastructure, facility and volunteering promises not to mention Team GB's…
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Duty of Care in Sport is debated at the top

The reality of any athlete's journey is that they are going to need a second career at some point in their lives and, subject to their good health; it will be a lot longer than their athletic career.
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Get active with the Road to Rio Challenge!

As we travel the Road to Rio, we are running a range of exciting opportunities which will connect young people to the excitement of Team GB, ParalympicsGB and the action which will unfold in Brazil.
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0 Apr 17 2016 in Olympics Read More ›

Show your Sporting Spirit

Start to get excited about the Rio Olympic and Paralympic Games this summer by showing your sporting spirit. The perfect way to do this is by joining hundreds of schools taking part in the Get Set for the Spirit of Sport programme.
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Live the Olympic and Paralympic Values

Reward young people for working through a series of challenges and demonstrating their commitment to the Olympic Values of friendship, excellence and respect and the Paralympic Values of inspiration, determination, courage and equality.
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Top tips on leading student volunteers

Get Set for Community Action Team Coordinator, John Doherty from Davenant Foundation School gave us his top tips on getting your students involved in their community.
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Ask our experts!

Our latest Google Hangout video chat focused on sport science. Schools sent their questions for Mark Fosbrook, who is part of the GB Wheelchair Basketball team, and John Francis, a Performance Analyst for British Wheelchair Basketball
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