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£1 million in funding for North Yorkshire's older veterans!

NORTH YORKSHIRE is set to receive £1 million in funding for older veterans over the age of 65.The funding is by the Chancellor using LIBOR funds and has been awarded to a portfolio of organisations led by Community First Yorkshire (formerly Rural Action Yorkshire). It is part of the Aged Veterans Fund operating across the United Kingdom.

The successful award means a 3-year service will be established County-wide to provide additional health, wellbeing and social care support to ex-forces personnel born before 1950 and also to those who completed National Service. This will mean greater help for surviving WW2 veterans, but will also encompass those who have served in conflicts since then such as the Falklands, Northern Ireland and the Gulf War.

A wide range of support will be made available in North Yorkshire and York, delivered by a consortium of charities and organisations dedicated to improving the lives of older veterans. This includes North Yorkshire Sport who will be using their funding to support the further roll out of Primetime sessions.

David Watson, Chief Executive of North Yorkshire Sport, said: "This is a fantastic opportunity to work with our partners to raise the profile of older veterans. Whilst the funding we applied for as part of this overall programme is relatively low it will support the development and targeting of Primetime sessions to support older veterans in North Yorkshire. Primetime offers age and ability appropriate sport sessions in local communities combined with the opportunity to socialise and make friends, access additional support services and improve individual health outcomes. By building local networks we will support older veterans to identify and achieve their goals.

"North Yorkshire Sport will work with over 100 veterans over the course of the next 2+ years as well as their families and other members of the local community.