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From this point on, the Community Sport Network team will no longer be sending out articles.

It was established in August 2013 as a free to access news-line on all things happening in Community Sport. It was set up as a small contribution to the legacy of London 2012 which inspired us all and will live long in our memories.

Nearly five years down the track there are now a number of other respected sporting news offerings online, so we thank you for your readership and support which has extended to over 200 countries, and wish you all well in your ongoing efforts to help create a fitter, healthier sporting nation.

Thanks for being a part of it!

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2.0 Digital Revolution Continues Event - The Exhibitors

At London Sport’s Sport 2.0 – Digital Revolution Continues event, a range of exhibitors shared their latest developments in using technology to improve the world of sport. An overall theme of making physical activity and sport more accessible through online platforms was prominent among exhibitors. 
Amaven, bounts, WOOOBA and 90 Seconds we all top line exhibitors, followed by Skignz, Kinetic Insight, Playwaze and Upshot. 

Amaven is an online platform which helps young players to develop agility, balance and coordination through the fundamental movement skills. They aim to tech children technical skills from a young age to accelerate their physical and cognitive development and try and underpin their sporting ability.

bounts is a free lifestyle and fitness app which incentivises its members to be more active by offering rewards for doing exercise. Some of the rewards include vouchers and sports goods.

WOOOBA is an online platform and app that allows people to connect through basketball. The platform can help people find teams or places to play basketball. The app platform also has a reward system for players.

90 Seconds is an online video production platform that manages all elements of video production from initial planning through to editing. Their online video cloud makes footage easily accessible from anywhere in the world.

Skignz is a geolocation based Augmented Reality platform created to provide with mobile device users with a new way to engage with digital information in a non-intrusive way. Essentially, Skignz are digital signs in the sky.

Kinetic Insight are an industry leading software development company that specializes in the creation of digital platforms for sport and physical activity.

Playwaze in an online platform which allows users to manage and organise sport. The platform supports groups, allows photo sharing and has the capacity to help organise competitions.

Upshot is an online management system developed by the Football Foundation. The system helps organisations to fund, manage and monitor their community projects.