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A new code for Sports Governance

A new Code for Sports Governance sets out the levels of transparency, accountability and financial integrity that will be required from those who ask for Government and National Lottery funding from April 2017.

You can download A Code for Sports Governance here.

Gold standards
The code has three tiers and will apply to any organisation seeking funding from us or UK Sport, regardless of size and sector, including national governing bodies of sport, clubs, charities and local authorities.

The code is proportionate, expecting the highest standards of good governance from organisations requesting the largest public investments, including:
Increased skills and diversity in decision making, with a target of at least 30 per cent gender diversity on boards
Greater transparency, for example publishing more information on the structure, strategy and financial position of the organisation
Constitutional arrangements that give boards the prime role in decision making.
The Government announced that a new governance code would be developed in its Sporting Future strategy Open in a new window, published in December 2015.
Sports Minister, Tracey Crouch MP, said: "It is vital that our domestic sports bodies and organisations uphold the very highest standards of governance and lead the world in this area.
"We want to ensure that they operate efficiently and successfully while being transparent and representative of society. We have been clear that we will expect them to adhere to the new Code of Sports Governance if they are to receive public funding in the future.”
Together with UK Sport, we consulted over 200 organisations on what should be included in the code over the summer, and found strong support for higher standards of governance, including:
98 per cent agreed that councils in sports bodies should be more transparent
78 per cent agreed that there needs to be increased diversity in organisations receiving public funding. 

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