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  • 06 December 2015 00:00
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A new governance qualification for sport

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The Sport and Recreation Alliance is to launch a new Governance in Sport qualification in January 2016.

Working in partnership with the Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators (ICSA), the qualification is designed to further improve general governance of organisations responsible for delivery of sports administration in what is accepted as an unregulated market place.

The Advanced Certificate in Sport Governance and Administration  qualification is to be accessible by all with no ‘entry level’ qualification status required. It is positioned as a Level 6 award (equivalent to final year undergraduate level) and there will be three elements; Introducing Sport Governance, Implementing Governance in Sport and Developing and Maintaining Governance Systems in Sports Organisations. 

The introduction of this new qualification is welcomed and is further evidence of the desire of our sector to recognise the need for accountability and responsibility, particularly when dealing with the implementation of public funding initiatives. 

SRA chief executive Emma Boggis  says "With access to public funds comes responsibility – and therefore need for good governance is paramount.” 

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