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All roads lead to Wembley - George William's Story

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There’s no better way to learn about the importance of care for talented athletes, than through stories from the players themselves.

George Williams’ football journey is a remarkable one. Not simply because of an astonishing rise of seven leagues in less than 2 years; and winning the playoff final with Barnsley FC; but perhaps more profoundly because of the route taken to get there.
At the close of the 2011 season, by the time his scholarship had ended, Williams, an MK Dons player since the age of 13, had joined the large percentage of British academy players that are released each year. 

Working closely with the college tutors at Milton Keynes, Williams had planned for the eventuality of being released and had successfully applied for a place at Loughborough University. Enrolment at University can often be seen as a farewell letter to professional football, but Williams saw this simply as a different path.
"Getting back into full-time football was always the priority,” he says, becoming a first team regular at Loughborough University even before his first academic semester had started. "There’s not too much dissimilarity in the amount of training, the emphasis on recovery and the detailed video analysis sessions.”

Click here to read on, and find out how Williams climbed the ranks to become a playoff champion.

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