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  • 17 April 2016 00:00
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Ask our experts!

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Our latest Google Hangout video chat focused on sport science. Schools sent their questions for Mark Fosbrook, who is part of the GB Wheelchair Basketball team, and John Francis, a Performance Analyst for British Wheelchair Basketball. Here’s a taster:

What needs to happen so that everyone in school can experience wheelchair basketball? 
John: We have a team of development officers, who are in charge of promoting the sport in the wider community, in schools and universities. They have developed an initiative called Inclusive Zone Basketball, a 4 a-side game, which was created to enable all players to enjoy the game. This year alone there have been 692 games of wheelchair basketball played in the UK! 

How have advances in technology helped to improve performances? 
John: Technology is a big part of my job. We have bought software that allows other athletes and coaches to view the work that I do online and we’re exploring options to create live links with iPads to help with decision making during games! 
Mark: Video analysis of our competitors that John prepares for us is fantastic and really enables us to understand our opposition to prepare for a match. Of course, wheelchairs are a huge part of technological advances. For Rio, I will be using a new kind of wheelchair, which will take me to the next level and make a significant difference to the team!

Watch the full film and all our other Hangouts at  Email us at if you’d like to take part in the next one!

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