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  • 20 September 2013 00:00
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Behavioral change is key to increasing community sport participation says CSP Network CEO

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County Sport Partnership (CSP) Network Chief Executive Lee Mason says influencing behavioral change is the key to increasing sporting participation in the community.

Mason said that increasing sporting participation across the UK is one of the primary goals of the CSP Network over the coming years as he outlined a unified strategy designed to achieve to it.

"Promoting and increasing sporting participation is all about behavioral change and changing attitudes and obviously that is something that takes time,” Mason told Community Sport Network.

"It is obviously one of the big priorities of the CSPs to help in this behavioral change but this has to be a national effort for the sporting sector as a whole where we all work together.”

The CSP Network Chief Executive also highlighted innovative marketing as a key driver to help increase sporting participation. 

"Understanding what consumers want and marketing our offer in the right way is one of key things here and the CSPs don’t always have huge marketing budgets so must find creative ways to do so,” he said. 

"This involves things like using social media which is clearly becoming an increasingly important resource.”

To read the full catch up interview with Lee Mason 
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