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From this point on, the Community Sport Network team will no longer be sending out articles.

It was established in August 2013 as a free to access news-line on all things happening in Community Sport. It was set up as a small contribution to the legacy of London 2012 which inspired us all and will live long in our memories.

Nearly five years down the track there are now a number of other respected sporting news offerings online, so we thank you for your readership and support which has extended to over 200 countries, and wish you all well in your ongoing efforts to help create a fitter, healthier sporting nation.

Thanks for being a part of it!

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Blueprint for an Active Britain

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ukactive’s Blueprint for an Active Britain sets out a vision of activity embedded in every aspect of daily life: from being fully ingrained into the care pathways of the NHS, through to a radical re-imagining of where we work, where we live and how we travel.

The Blueprint brings the latest in evidence-based policy discourse on a range of areas into one place, creating a central platform from which this movement can continue to gather pace.

The report has been developed with the express intent of raising the profile of the sector and championing those organisations and businesses who deliver physical activity services every day, as well as turbo-charging the Government’s engagement with activity and the activity sector. Throughout, the document calls upon government, local authorities and others to tap the huge potential of the physical activity sector and its workforce in delivering an active life to everyone. 

The report was launched at the National Summit on 5th November, receiving national coverage on BBC Radio, The Guardian and Daily Mail among others. We are confident that if we capitalise upon this momentum, through ukactive’s Blueprint for an Active Britain we can indeed turn the tide of inactivity, joining up all of our stakeholders in a mission to create more active workplaces, schools and communities.  

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