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Bookings open for BHFNC Annual Conference 2014

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Booking have now opened for the British Heart Foundation National Centre for Physical Activity and Health (BHFNC) Annual Conference 2014, which will take place on November 20th in Warwickshire.

This year’s conference will titled "Creative Partnerships – Promoting physical activity by stealth".

The event will take a look at the concept of stealth interventions and explore how the latest research, theory and practice can be applied to the promotion of physical activity.

Stealth interventions aim to piggyback on existing movements or causes where people are doing physical activity, but their primary reason for doing physical activity is something different.

For example, raising money for a charity through a sponsored fun run or swim, undertaking conservation activities to protect the environment such as footpath clearing or dry stone walling.

From the individuals' perspectives and those of the movement or cause, the potential benefits to health are considered a beneficial side effect.

Confirmed keynote speakers for the event include Professor Tom Robinson from Stanford University in California and Peter Gilheany of Forster Communications.

The event will be held at the Heritage Motor Centre in Gaydon, Warwickshire. 

Last year’s hugely successful conference was fully-booked so organisers are advising those looking to attend to book early to avoid disappointment.

For further information and to book your place via the conference website, Click Here

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