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  • 12 October 2016 12:36
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British American Football begins with a Touchdown!

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American Football is now part of the School Games and is now offered to the 21,500 registered schools. Having presented the Touchdown Programme to the Youth Sport Trust in November 2015, American Football entered the process in January after Sport England gave the NGB it’s blessings. An intense period of work ensued to get all the materials necessary available for the Trust and also to support teachers who might like to run the activities and the competition formats but maybe don’t have too much experience or knowledge.

Rob Rooksby has taken the approach, born out of his experiences starting-up his own Programme at Exmouth Community College, of providing the kind of resources he never had but had wanted. So, on the new Teaching Football page on the BAFA website: he has provided short written briefs about the Competition and Challenge Cards (see: ) along with general material for key stake-holders, as well as creating video examples of the formats so that teachers can not only read about them but also see the activity, making it easier to understand and deliver themselves. As a small ‘cherry-on-the-top’, he also secured the NFL as a supporting and promotional partner!

So, now its 1st down in the 1st quarter and a long game ahead. But with a Touchdown under the belt, any team would look at the long game with optimism. And Rooksby does.

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