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  • 07 July 2014 00:00
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British & Irish Lions star teams with Rayburn Tours to spearhead new sports campaign

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Former rugby union star Tim Stimpson, who represented both the British and Irish Lions and England in a glittering career, has signed to become the sports ambassador for Rayburn Tours in order to help the UK based tour operator in their exciting new venture. 

Rayburn Tours have nearly 50 years’ experience in providing school trips abroad and have now launched their brand new Sports Tours department in a move designed to put physical education firmly on the touring agenda. 

The mission is to mix unique sports tours with quality educational resources, meaning the benefits and value of sports are brought to the forefront of school and parent awareness.

Stimpson’s ambassadorial role for Rayburn Tours will see him guide schools and clubs on how to achieve their financial touring goals through a series of tried and tested methods.

With his extensive experience in fundraising initiatives and varied industry contacts, Tim can also provide fundraising packs, filled with a host of ideas and materials, or even take part in school visits and charity fundraisers, subject to his availability. 

The former rugby star revealed he is excited to be involved in the new venture. 

"You need to create an environment in which you can flourish, which for me has been joining an institution with mutually dependent characters that are committed to shared goals,” said Stimpson, who was the first player in the English Premiership to score over 1,000 points.

"Rayburn Sports Tours’ commitment to adding educational gains to sporting trips is a huge factor in me aligning myself with this established business of high morals and traditional family values.”

Rayburn Sports Tours hope to help schools achieve higher Association for Physical Education (afPE) accreditations in physical education, offering tour products which will assist them in demonstrating a commitment to excellence in sports. 

The afPE Quality Mark for physical education and sport provides schools with a process of effective self-review. 

Rayburn Sports Tours have also developed the concept of ‘EduSport’, which is guaranteed in every single sports tour offered. 

This ensures that students are given ample opportunity to take away a sense of the culture, history and ethos of the places and institutions they visit, matching them to curricular learning in other Key Stage subjects.

Rayburn Sports Tours' Malta itineraries, as an example, incorporate a tour of the Olympic training facilities at the Tal- Qroqq sports complex, before receiving a lecture from an Olympic Committee member on funding streams, training programmes and Olympic athlete preparation.

Rayburn Sports Tours offer a free EduSport excursion similar to that illustrated in Malta on all of their tours.

"The importance that school sport played for me was massive,” explains Stimpson.

"I wasn’t as good at maths and English as I was at rugby and football and cricket, and that gave me a lot of confidence. That transferred into other challenges and gave me a position within my peers.

"I was taken out of my comfort zone but I was looked after by my teammates. 

"I have a phrase called telescopic time, in which I look back in my life and see little spots of real happiness and some of those are my school trips.

"I’d say 100% that a tour is the defining moment of a year through school”.

Rayburn Sports Tours are fully inclusive and completely tailor-made to meet individual school requirements, nurturing progression for all levels of sporting abilities. 

Tours provide further opportunities for children to engage in the subject, offering more than a short term activity, but providing the support base and encouragement to maybe even pave the way for a long term career. 

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