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  • 11 November 2015 00:00
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Bullying in School Sport

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A recently published study, funded by the Ben Cohen Stand Up Foundation and undertaken by a team of researchers at York St John University, suggests that being a victim of bullying in school sport can have a negative impact on young people’s engagement in physical activity.

The report outlines how previous research has highlighted that bullying in school sport is a common experience for both primary and secondary pupils and incidents can include homophobic and racist language.  

The report presents findings from a four year survey of 15,023 primary and secondary school pupils.  The results of the survey found that 25.8% of primary school pupils and 13.9% of secondary school pupils reported being a victim of bullying in school sport related facilities. In the secondary School Pupils, reports of bullying in changing rooms and bullying due to not being good at sport have risen gradually over the four year period.   

Findings from the study also highlight a lack of sport-specific interventions, in schools to tackle the problem. Following on from the report, York St John University and the Ben Cohen StandUp Foundation are planning to develop interventions to raise awareness and reduce incidences of, bullying in school sport.  

To find out more and download a copy of the report and see how work is being developed, you can visit: or follow on twitter (@bullyinginyouthsport).  

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