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CSPN launches Workplace Challenge

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The County Sports Partnership Network (CSPN) have launched a new free online activity logger this month called "Workplace Challenge” that is designed to motivate and inspire workplaces across the country get active.

The platform is the first of its kind in the UK while it will feature various challenges, programmes and competitions. 

More than half of the County Sports Partnerships (CSPs) will take part in the first phase of the campaign that helps the nation to 'Get Started' in the New Year as they will show people where to find activities that they enjoy and log their progress. 

Everything from active travel through to participation in sports such as swimming, football and golf will count towards the log and be converted to points to enable workplaces to track progress and compete in national and local leader boards. 

"The CSP Network is proud to be supporting the delivery of the Workplace Challenge across England,” said CSPN CEO Lee Mason. 

"It is critical that we understand how to capture the benefits of the digital environment, driving people to do more activity in the offline environments, whether encouraging more people to walk to work, visit their local leisure centre or take some exercise in their local parks. 

"This platform will enable participants to track all their activity, from participation in organised sport to informal activity and active travel such as walking to work, to show their combined impact which can contribute significantly to the health of an individual.”

The platform, which has received funding support from Sport England and is supported by the British Heart Foundation's Health at Work programme, is built on the growing trend for digital sharing. 

The platform enables people to track their activity, analyse their calorie burn and even see how much carbon dioxide they have helped to save by walking or cycling to work. 

Similar to a 'Like' on Facebook, people can also 'High Five' their colleagues for doing well. 

"Research highlights the health crisis that we face across workplaces, with obesity at an all time high,” said Project Manager for the British Heart Foundation's Health at Work Programme Lisa Purcell.

"We believe that the Workplace Challenge will inspire employers to champion the well-being of their workforce and we will be providing a comprehensive and engaging support package both on and offline, to support individual employees and businesses alike. 

"The bottom line is that the health of the workforce has a direct influence on the UK economy - boosting morale and productivity." 

Sport England’s Director of Community Sport Mike Diaper has also given his full backing to the initiative. 

"I am delighted to be working with the County Sports Partnership Network and the British Heart Foundation's Health at Work Programme on this fantastic new tool,” said Diaper.

"Influencing work places and getting employees to get active together is key in helping change peoples' attitudes towards sport and will help them develop a lasting sporting habit. 

"I would encourage everybody to sign up to this challenge and get active in 2014." 

For more information on the Workplace Challenge, Click Here

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