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Class of 2035

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Class of 2035

Youth Sport Trust (YST)

What will young people’s relationships with PE, sport and physical activity look like in 20 years time?

Youth Sport Trust and leading future trends agency, The Future Foundation have created a microsite depicting possible relationships between technological empowerment/disempowerment, the relevance and quality of PE and school sport and levels of physical activity.

This unique outlook illustrates four possible scenarios to show not only the effects of technology on physical activity levels, but also an insight into the impact on the physical and emotional wellbeing of the next generation and the consequences this may have on their academic attainment.

The Four scenarios:

1.Digitally distracted – A world in which young people have been negatively impacted by the digital revolution and are isolated from the environment.
2.Fit for purpose – Young people are motivated to be physically active, realising it could contribute to a brighter future.
3.Go it alone – A generation which proactively seeks an active lifestyle. Pupils organise their own sporting activities and turn to the internet instead of their teachers for information and support.
4.Sidelined – Their days are spent consuming digital media, with very little outdoor activity, leaving them lethargic and broadly unhappy.

Peter Chamberlin, Policy and communications director at YST says:
"Perhaps the most interesting thing about the Class of 2035 is that we have the chance today, in the here and now, to shape how it will look 20 years from now”

The challenge has been set and the YST is committed to using these scenarios to inform their own strategy as well as aiming to spark wide-ranging debate as to what the future opportunities and challenges may be to get young people more active.

How will young people relate to PE and school sport in the next two decades?

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