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  • 04 March 2014 00:00
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Community is at the heart of Glasgow 2014 says Organising Committee CEO

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Glasgow 2014 CEO David Grevemberg says that his Organising Committee has put the community at the heart of preparations for the Commonwealth Games.  

The 2014 Commonwealth Games are now just over 100 days away but despite being an elite event for elite athletes, the Glasgow 2014 CEO has promised huge benefits for the Glasgow, Scotland and Commonwealth community.

"Community has been at the heart of everything we have done as an Organising Committee,” Grevemberg exclusively told Community Sport Network

"In terms of community engagement, we have had a great response to the volunteer appeal and we know that the volunteers will play a crucial role in making our Games a success; much like the Games Makers at London 2012. 

"We have a great cultural programme in place that includes the Queen's Baton Relay which is really about taking the Games right out into the centre of the Commonwealth community. In addition to that, we have Festival 2014 on the occasion of our Games which gives communities another chance to really engage with and to celebrate the Games. 

"What is also clear is that the venues and the infrastructure for the Games are delivering community relevant and world class sights and that is a major long-term benefit.”

The Glasgow 2014 CEO also stated his pride at leading the Organising Committee as they prepare to stage the biggest multi-sport event in the history of Scotland. 

"I feel incredibly privileged to have this fantastic role and it has been truly inspiring for me on a personal level to have learnt so much,” said Grevemberg.

"I am truly humbled by the opportunity to lead such an amazing team, driven by passion for sport and a commitment to bring what will be an outstanding Games to our great city of Glasgow and all of Scotland.
"What has been particularly rewarding for me is to watch a city; a nation and now a Commonwealth Movement wrap its arms around a Games and around the power of sport. 

"It has been very-eye opening for me to discover so much about the Commonwealth and its values. 

"Even though I am not from the Commonwealth as I am actually American, I feel a huge responsibility in my role to promote the values of the Commonwealth and to make that a central theme of these Games.”

To read the full interview with David Grevemberg, Click Here
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