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  • 11 July 2016 10:36
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Local ladies get active through Couch 2 Course

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The Couch 2 Course program, in conjunction with Active Essex is a 6-week course aimed at getting ladies active, engaged and improving their health and has seen all-round success (as the vlogs can testify).

It uses technology for users to report their own progress on how they feel, the results they've achieved and the positive experiences they have got from the program.

This is also the basis for marketing out courses as it allows people to see first hand what you can achieve through us and reduce any concerns they  might  have about starting a fitness program.

The reach from the technology far exceeds anything a flyer would.

The ladies C2C are working with all had different starting points and personal achievement aims, but basically it’s all about a ladies only 6 week course getting them off the couch and becoming active, with the 1 mile obstacle run at Chelmsford City Racecourse on 16th July to aim for.

Halfway through the programme C2C has seen remarkable progress in all areas, including increased confidence, medical conditions easing, a better understanding and enjoyment of nutrition, including lots of interaction in sharing tips/recipes amongst each other.

From feedback C2C has seen  that they are all enjoying the course and feel supported by not only the trainers, but by each other.  The ladies have bonded and made friends and most importantly, feel in themselves they are making progress and are all feeling positive now about the obstacle run at the end of the course.

From where the ladies started, there has been a real difference in their attitude, application and confidence not only towards being fit and healthy, but their self-confidence and wellbeing too. Many don’t want the exercise to stop after the course and will be carrying on being active which shows a resounding success of the Couch 2 Course programme.

Here's the journeys of 2 of the ladies.


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