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CrossFit – Letting Beauty Speak

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CrossFit – Letting Beauty Speak

The launch of Sport England’s campaign "This Girl Can” has provided a defining moment for the representation of women in sport and fitness. Research has long suggested that sport and fitness can provide opportunities of empowerment for women, whereby females experience feelings of liberation by taking control of their bodies.

However it has been argued that sport and fitness also provide a site for disempowerment amongst females, who feel the need to conform to a gender specific ideal exaggerated by images in the media.

It has left many asking the question as to what sports instil experiences of positive body capability and functionality as opposed to experiences of a desire to conform to an aesthetic ideal......step forward CrossFit.

CrossFit which calls itself the ‘Sport of Fitness’ has grown from a single website to an empire of 10,000 affiliate gyms around the world. The sport encompasses the belief that ‘strong is the new skinny’ and women within the culture are encouraged to focus on performance rather than aesthetics. This shift of focus to performance has seen women within the sport achieve some remarkable things, proving that female bodies are just as capable as their male counterparts. CrossFit levels the athletic playing field between genders more than most mainstream sports, females are encouraged to carry out the same exercises at a high intensity, an empowering experience when women recognise the capability of their body.

CrossFit Inc released a promotional video called ‘Letting Beauty Speak’ which illustrates women’s experiences through CrossFit, give it a watch ...

To try a taster session find your local CrossFit affiliate ...

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