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  • 30 January 2015 00:00
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Dame Sarah Storey to take on the UCI Hour Record at Revolution

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Dame Sarah Storey to take on the UCI Hour Record at Revolution

11-time Paralympic Champion, Dame Sarah Storey is set to attempt her next sporting challenge ... the UCI Hour Cycling Record.

On the 28th February 2015, as part of round 5 of the Revolution Series at Lee Valley VeloPark, London, Sarah is aiming to break Dutch rider, Leontien Zijlaard-van Moorsel’s existing record... 46.065km.

The men’s record has recently been undertaken and beaten by Jens Voigt and Matthias Brandle and Sarah is hoping to be the first female rider to take on the women’s equivalent, a record that hasn't been beaten since 2003.

It is a test of both physical and mental strength, attributes that Dame Sarah Storey has proven to possess time and time again.

Sarah: "I’m excited and nervous at the prospect of being the first woman to take on the record in over a decade.”

Sarah has worked out the output needed over the hour if she is going to be able to challenge the record and is optimistic, commenting:
"We decided that if I can arrive in good shape I stood a fighting chance.”

Dame Sarah Storey is another inspirational female athlete role model that shows how hard work, determination and a ‘can-do’ attitude can go a long way.

Can Sarah once again claim the title?

More information on the Revolution Series:
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