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Derbyshire lead the way in embracing the Workplace Challenge

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Derbyshire workers have fully embraced the Workplace Challenge with more people signing up to the scheme in Derbyshire than in almost any other part of the country. 

The Workplace Challenge is the national programme rolled out by the County Sports Partnership Network (CSP Network) in collaboration with the British Heart Foundation Health at Work programme.

It is designed to encourage workers to lead more active lifestyles. 

In the County Sports Partnership league table, Derbyshire Sport topped the leaderboard to be crowned the most active County Sports Partnership in the country.

It comes with over 1,000 people and 185 workplaces in Derbyshire having signed up to the Workplace Challenge, with only Norfolk and Lincolnshire seeing more people taking part.  

With enthusiasm for the Derbyshire Workplace Challenge high, workers have logged more than 30,000 activities over more than 25,000 hours.

The winner of the Derbyshire Workplace Challenge was Chesterfield Borough Council (Sport and Leisure Department) with (Hipper House, Chesterfield) in 2nd place and University of Derby (Derbyshire Student Residences Ltd) in third place.

The University of Derby are also leading the way nationally within the education sector in terms of staff signed up to the Workplace Challenge with 190 employees taking part – second only to Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital. 

"The Workplace Challenge has really captured the imagination of workplaces across Derbyshire to be more active in a competitive yet fun way,” said the Active Lifestyles Development Officer at Derbyshire Sport Angela Kirkham. 

 "Anecdotally we know that the Derbyshire Workplace Challenge has been helping to motivate people to do more physical activity than they would normally do, whatever level they started at, and that is really what this challenge is all about.”

Derby County Football Club CEO Sam Rush has also given his full backing to the initiative.

"I think the Derbyshire Workplace Challenge is a fantastic initiative,” said Rush.

"I think it’s really important that people who spend a lot of their lives in working environments and probably don’t always have the opportunity or the desire and the commitment to get themselves out there playing sport are encouraged to be active.

"I think a fit mind and a fit body allows you to contribute both in the office and the working environment as well so we’re hugely in favour of this initiative.”

The first eight-week challenge began on January 6 and finished on March 2. 

The challenge aimed to help participants stay motivated and become more active and stay active.
For more information, Click Here 
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