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  • 14 June 2016 00:00
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Duty of Care in Sport is debated at the top

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The reality of any athlete’s journey is that they are going to need a second career at some point in their lives and, subject to their good health; it will be a lot longer than their athletic career. There is an increasing amount of evidence to show that making this transition often has worrying negative consequences. 

Care for athletes in sport is being taken seriously at the very top. In April Baroness Tanni-Grey Thompson and the Sport Duty of Care Working Group, asked for feedback from the industry on how we felt about the current state of athlete care.

With significant experience in this area, the Switch The Play team had a lot to say...

Our response specifically sets out 13 key areas for consideration, that will contribute to the improved care for athletes in sport:

1.Research to better understand athletes needs and requirements
2.Setting appropriate standards and benchmarks for duty of care
3.Inclusion of psychological profiling of talent at the beginning of a programme
4.Help with managing expectations of athletes and parents
5.Supporting the development and education of coaches and support staff
6.Rounded education that helps provide transferable skills for second career
7.Talent Transfer programmes
8.Using elite sport to create inspiration and aspiration
9.The power of storytelling
10.Media exposure
11.Athlete experience sharing
12.Overcoming commercial exploitation
13.Consideration of central solution
Do you agree that these measures will help? Do you have any other ideas or experiences? 

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