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  • 03 July 2014 00:00
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Encouraging youngsters not to give up is our most important task says Educating Essex star

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Educating Essex star Stephen Drew, the headteacher of Brentwood County High School in Essex, says it is vital that all teachers, mentors and coaches encourage young people never to give up and has highlighted physical activity and sport as something that is crucial for their development. 

Drew has become a major personality in the education sector following his the BAFTA award winning Channel 4 documentary series "Educating Essex” and more recently his new show ‘Mr Drew’s School for Boys’.

But despite his growing celebrity, Drew says that his teaching role is his number one priority and that is fully committed to ensuring the highest possible success for all young people who he is responsible for.

"When it comes to education and teaching, I believe the key is about setting the highest expectations for students,” Drew told Community Sport Network. 

"Sometimes that means being tough on them to help them achieve and sometimes that means being supportive or being a shoulder to cry on but it still means that high standards are maintained.

"But the most important thing for a teacher, mentor or a coach to do is to encourage young people never to give up and encourage them to persevere no matter what.

"As a society, we are far too quick to negatively judge young people and their families, forgetting in a quite shocking fashion what being young is actually like.

"Adults have an absolute responsibility to ensure that young people are given the chances they need to succeed and to learn from the mistakes that everyone inevitably makes when they are young. 

"In order to do this we need to ensure that we create structures and environments that support families and children to achieve the high aspirations that everyone has either for themselves or their children.
"That is when PE and sport can be very important and it teaches important qualities like fairplay, courage, teamwork and respect which are all very important in life.”

Drew also highlighted the importance of physical education and sport being playing a major role in schools, despite the huge emphasis from the sector on the likes of Maths and English.

"You can look at it from a number of angles,” he said.

"If you look purely in terms of exam results, Maths and English take priority as it is those subjects that determine where your school appears on the league table. 

"However, if your entire education consisted of simply Maths and English, you would have a very dull education indeed. 

"Exam results are obviously very important but you really need to help the individual become a rounded person and obviously that is where physical education comes in. 

"The values and morals it instills are very important in helping young people transform into capable adults.

"Physical education and sport also help create a balance so that you can enhance your effort and attainment in other subjects. 

"So while Maths and English take centre stage in terms of driving schools up the league table, physical education is vital for personal development and improving the physical literacy of students.”

Stephen Drew is speaking at the afPE Pre-Conference Networking Evening on 7th July.

For more information on afPE, Click Here 

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