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European Week of Sport

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The European Week of Sport aims to promote sport and physical activity across Europe. The Week is for everyone, regardless of age, background or fitness level. With a focus on grassroots initiatives, it will inspire Europeans to #BeActive on a regular basis and create opportunities in peoples’ everyday lives to exercise more.

European week of sport will be centered around four Focus Days: Education environment, Workplace, Outdoors, Sport Clubs and Fitness Centres. These are the main settings where people can improve their habits and #BeActive!

The European week of sport 2015 is set to take place between the 7 - 13 September and in particular the UK will include activities and events around all four Focus Day themes and will also feature a Festival of Sport in the iconic city of London. The Festival of Sport, organised by StreetGames, the UK’s leading sports charity for young people, will provide opportunities to try different sports and find out more about they can get involved. 

Find out more here 

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