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  • 10 June 2015 00:00
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GLL Launches Biggest Extreme Sports Facility

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Understanding the desires, demands and motivation of many young people nowadays to move away from the mainstream sports and be physically active in adrenaline filled, extreme sports, the UK’s largest leisure charitable social enterprise GLL launched London’s biggest indoor skate park at Barking Sporthouse and Gym.

In May, GLL opened the iconic Extreme sports facility that features a skate park offering over 900 square metres of skate ramp terrain, with a beginners area and street zone with ledges, ‘flat bars’ and ‘Euro-gaps’, and London’s first key-hole Birchwood bowl. On the same day, GLL also launched a unique climb facility that will provide a number of fun adventure climbing walls designed to be multi-generational, appealing to both children and adults, climbers, BMX’ers and skaters alike.

Chris Symons, Director of Development, GLL, said, "As a charitable social enterprise that works to engage our local communities in sports participation, we understand the need to support young people in pursuing an active, healthy lifestyle by taking part in the activities they enjoy like skating and climbing – and we know there is not enough indoor skate facilities in London for them to be able to do this.
"The new flagship facility sees GLL going beyond our core leisure offering, diversifying into number of new alternative sports activities that will soon be available in other facilities that we operate across the UK. We will also be launching London’s first Trampoline Park this summer at Barking Sporthouse and Gym, another unique and safe way for everyone to get active and have affordable fun.”
Look out for the new Extreme facility website soon, and for more information, visit:
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