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GLL signs mental health charter to improve accessibility!

Greenwich Leisure Limited (GLL) has signed the Sport and Recreation Alliance's Mental Health Charter to help improve accessibility to its facilities for all sections of the community.

The charitable social enterprise, which operates more than 300 leisure centres, gyms, libraries and children’s centres under its customer brand, Better, is revising staff training modules, to increase mental health awareness.

The charter is a collaboration between mental health charity MIND and the Alliance.

The document outlines six actions that the sports and physical activity sector can take to help make mental health commonly understood and to help those in need. The actions are to:

- Use sport and recreation to promote wellbeing, with a focus on encouraging physical activity and social interaction for their contribution to good mental health

- Publicly promote and adopt good mental health policies and best practice within sports and recreational activities;

- Promote positive public health messages using diverse role models and ambassadors to reduce the stigma attached to mental health problems;

- Actively tackle discrimination on the grounds of mental health to ensure that everyone is treated with dignity and respect;

- Support the establishment of a pan-sport platform to work closely with the mental health sector to develop and share networks, resources and best practice;

- Regularly monitor performance, assess progress and take positive action on mental health issues.

Peter Bundey, GLL deputy managing director, said: "GLL are proud to work alongside MIND and the Sport and Recreation Alliance to support the Mental Health Charter.

"Reviewing our offer in line with the charter means embedding mental health awareness into staff training, to ensure that we continue to offer inclusive, accessible services.

"With one in four people in the UK living with a mental health condition and the benefits of taking part in physical activity and sport clear for mind and body, it is crucial to provide services to all the community – and by doing so, tackle stigma, promote respect and boost participation.”

More than 260 organisations have signed the charter.