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  • 29 July 2016 00:00
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Get Set's Value Awards: Bringing the Values to life in to schools

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Ally Sheldon is a PE Co-ordinator for 12 primary schools around Yorkshire. She is active with the Sports Council and Gifted & Talented Council, and has been involved with Get Set’s Olympic and Paralympic legacy and education activity since 2011.
She supports Get Set’s Values Awards, a free initiative that rewards 7-19 year-olds for embodying the Olympic Values of friendship, excellence and respect, and the Paralympic Values of inspiration, determination, courage and equality, and encourages their personal growth and resilience.
"Not every child learns in an academic manner and we’ve found that the Olympic and Paralympic Values can teach young people so much about their own personality and what might be important to them.”
Through the Values Awards, everyone involved feels like they play a part in the journey. Working through a series of challenges, students are volunteering in the community, helping others to achieve their goals and developing valuable life skills.
Meeting the same values as a successful athlete, can be inspirational and confidence boosting. The Values Awards have made students more aware of their actions, they are willing to try new things, improve and work together.
The Values are now part of the school ethos. Their "Give it a Go Club” display, which shows all the Values, gives students an opportunity to share their achievements, which are also celebrated in their weekly assembly.
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