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  • 31 March 2015 00:00
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Get a spring in your step!

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The clocks have changed and Summer is round the corner!
There are signs  of Spring all around us, and there is a certain ‘spring in the step’ as we start to enjoy longer daylight hours and better weather.  
We have seen a number of reports relating to Physical Activity launched in the past week as Parliament breaks for the Election Run in, and the need to find new solutions and to’ think and do’ differently seems more apt now than ever. 

Whichever incoming Government we welcome in May, we certainly need a top down endorsement of the value and benefits of regular sporting activity and exercise, but we must also be prepared to champion and celebrate organic alternative forms of activity on offer, and celebrate and promote innovative ideas  that help to make us a fitter and healthier nation. This edition of CSN highlights a few such activities that will help turn Spring into an Active Summer.
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