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Give More. Become More

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Sports Leaders UK offer awards and qualifications to young people to help them become more. With over 30 years experience in the sports volunteering industry Sports Leaders UK have serviced over a million young people who have taken leadership courses. 

By providing opportunities to gain leadership qualifications the young people who have undertaken a Sports Leaders qualifications have experienced a 'springboard into employment' and the benefits extend beyond the young people awarded on the courses. 

For the local community the benefits of Sports Leaders training include:

  • Provision of trained volunteers who can assist with the delivery of sport and recreation initiatives within their community.
  • Increases the awareness of sport and recreation within the community.
  • Provides training for young people: keeping them engaged, increasing their responsibility and developing their confidence and self-esteem.
  • Improved relationships between community groups, schools and other local organisations.
  • Provides a stepping stone on the pathway to lifelong volunteering.

To find out how you can Give More. Become More click here 

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