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Greater Manchester hits one million activity target!

Greater Manchester has exceeded its target of getting one million people to be regularly active, which is expected to save more than £640,000 in NHS costs in the first year alone.

In 2010 sports charity GreaterSport set the target to be met by 2017. Working in partnership, the sport and physical activity sector across the area has now passed the mark, with data showing that 1,009,180 people are regularly active, saving the NHS £647,590.

Inactivity costs the Greater Manchester economy £35m.

One initiative that has helped increase activity has been the introduction of Greater Manchester Moving, which has enabled a broader set of partners to come together to get people to be exercising.

GreaterSport, leisure operator Link4Life, local authorities and national governing bodies of sport supported by the Association of Greater Manchester Authorities and Sport England, have been working to reach traditionally more inactive groups.

There has been an emphasis on females and disabled people.

Yvonne Harrison, GreaterSport chief executive, said: "When we set this target it was one that demonstrated the ambition of Greater Manchester. It was a goal we could collectively work towards and one which if we succeeded would save the NHS hundreds of thousands of pounds.

"I’m therefore delighted that Greater Manchester has achieved one million people taking part in regular activity. The work is not done as there are still too many inactive residents within the region but we are now far healthier and active than we were.”

Jennie Price, Sport England Chief Executive, added: "Greater Manchester is doing a fantastic job getting more people active. We are working with them closely on Greater Manchester Moving and their passion and desire to get more people active to improve health and people’s lives is clearly evident. We look forward to our continued relationship as we strive to increase the number of active people.”