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HerMoJo have launched their first set of MoJo Manuals!

HerMoJO have released a series of ‘kitbag’ manuals to help teenage girls (teachers, coaches, parents), who are starting out in competitive sport to develop greater body confidence in parallel with sport-related skills. 

MoJoManuals are predicated on 'Physical Literacy' &  effective movement skills. 

They cover a wide range of issues which impact how girls engage/drop out of sport including; Diet & Hydration, Periods, Anxiety, Body Image, Breast Health, Core Stability, Resistance Training . . & Fear of Failure. 

Check out a free, ‘sample copy’ (expires 72 hours after opening) – LINK HERE 
More info and to order your ROWMoJo (£9.99 +P&P) – HERE
More info on MoJoManuals - HERE

Please DO forward the link to their free, ‘sample copy’ to friends, relatives, teachers, coaches etc for them to try it!

Get involved?
HerMoJo have several more MoJoManuals in production – if you would like to get involved with producing one for teenage girls in your sport please email a brief resume to -