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Nearly five years down the track there are now a number of other respected sporting news offerings online, so we thank you for your readership and support which has extended to over 200 countries, and wish you all well in your ongoing efforts to help create a fitter, healthier sporting nation.

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HerMoJo launches to get more women more active ready for Women's Sports Week!

The UK’s largest activity finder for women and girls

Two of the UK’s major activity finders (ACTIVEMapX & SofaDodger) are merging to launch HerMoJo to focus on helping more women and girls to enjoy sports and fitness activities in their local area - and get active.

‘HerMojo’ is a free to use activity finder, supported by The Women’s Sports Network, which identifies activities with a simple postcode search.

Whether it’s badminton, Zumba, a running club or Pilates, HerMojo quickly finds a range of classes and sessions to suit all tastes, conveniently located in the local area. The search tool quickly connects women with thousands of clubs and classes across the UK offering female-friendly opportunities to play sport and get fit in the local community. 

Sam Taylor, the founder of HerMojo, said, "We focus on identifying female-friendly locations where women can get active together. It’s a simple idea, born from a determination to make it easier for women of all ages to get active. There are hundreds of opportunities all around us, but it’s not always easy to find them, especially female-friendly clubs and classes.” 

Kelly Williams, managing director of the sports marketing agency Sports Revolution, and a non-executive director of Women’s Sport Network says: "In most communities, it’s usually easy to find organised team sports, such as football and rugby, but this is not necessarily the type of exercise most women are looking for.”

According to research from Sport England, there is a significant gender gap when it comes to exercise with two million more men than women exercising or playing sport regularly. Despite 75% of women would like to do more. Much of this gap is due to a low awareness of the opportunities available.

Kelly adds: "There’s no reason why participation rates in local exercise and fitness activities are much lower among women and girls. We want to reverse that trend with HerMojo, making it easier to find a full range of female-friendly activities for women of all ages. Whatever your mojo, you can find it here.”

She concludes: "Recent UK and international ‘get ACTIVE’ campaigns such as ThisGIRLCan, LIKEaGIRL & GameChangers have encouraged millions of women in the UK to get more active, but more needs to be done to show them where they can go to enjoy activities that suit them. HerMojo closes the loop and we hope will encourage many more women and girls to get more active.”

Twitter: @WomenSportsWeek  @Her_MoJo     @SportsRevLtd