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Herts Sports Partnership - MAKING TIME TO EXERCISE!

Making time to exercise: New campaign to get Hertfordshire workers more active

2018 Active Workplace Challenge launched January 8th 
Campaign aims to tackle inactivity amongst workers across Hertfordshire
Get involved and track your activity online

Are you finding you don’t get time to exercise in a busy working week? Do you go long hours without even standing up from the desk, even over lunch? A new campaign seeks to tackle inactivity amongst workplaces across Hertfordshire – and this is your chance to get involved. 

Alarming statistics show the average Brit sits down for 8.9 hours every day and one in four of us do fewer than 30 minutes of physical activity a week – contributing to around 131 million working days lost to sickness in England each year.

Now Workplace Challenge, in collaboration with Herts Sports & Physical Activity Partnership, is tackling the issue head on with the launch of its latest campaign designed to break down the culture of a desk-bound lunch. It is designed to help address and break down the barriers we all face in fitting physical activity into busy work/life schedules.

The 2018 Active Workplace Challenge will include a series of initiatives, events, inspiration and advice provided for local people by Herts Sports & Physical Activity Partnership over an eight week period, which began on January 8th. 

Sign up to the campaign and you can track physical activity online, easily comparing activity levels to other participating individuals and organisations.  

The focus this year will on bitesize chunks of activity, encouraging workers to step away from their desks and out of the office during the lightest and brightest part of the day. Herts Sports and Physical Activity Partnership has set a target for everyone to walk, jog, run or cycle one mile each day during the eight week period. 

There are also a series of workplace offers from National Governing Bodies of sport, available on the Workplace Challenge website to support physical activity in and around the working day.

John O’Callaghan from Herts Sports & Physical Activity Partnership, said: "It’s all too easy to stay at the desk over lunch, or to work late in the office to meet a deadline, but this is contributing to a worrying trend of inactivity amongst the working population. Too many of us aren’t getting the recommended 150 minutes of exercise in a week – and it’s having a serious impact on our mental and physical health, not to mention the productivity of workers."
 "The 2018 Active Workplace Challenge is about giving people the support and inspiration to get up on their feet and bring physical activity into and around their working day.  The message is to try and do 10 minutes of activity per day. 

The Herts Sports & Physical Activity Partnership will be offering a series of events and initiatives throughout the year. Together with the Workplace Challenge online activity tracking resource, it couldn’t be easier to get involved.”

Find out how you and your workplace can get involved in the 2018 Active Workplace Challenge and make every minute count - visit

Quest Accreditation of the highest order for Partnership

The Herts Sports and Physical Activity Partnership (HSP) has been awarded the ‘outstanding’ rating in an industry standard accreditation for the second consecutive time, making them the first County Sports Partnership in the country to achieve this accolade.

Quest is a quality assurance scheme for the sport and leisure industry, and benchmarks organisations against a set of rigorous criteria. In order to achieve the highest mark, organisations must demonstrate how they are exceptional, innovative and stand out from the rest. 

HSP first achieved an ‘outstanding’ rating in 2015, when its contribution to increasing participation and health and wellbeing impressed the external verifier. To uphold the rating two years on meant that the Partnership needed to show growth and exceptional improvement across a number of areas. The recent assessment highlighted that the Partnership is ‘considered by all as the ‘Go to’ physical activity organisation’, and ‘has the ability to draw investment into well developed and outcome driven interventions.’

John O’Callaghan, HSP Director said: "Recognition for being ‘outstanding’ for a second time is something we are extremely proud of, and is testament to our leadership role, and the strength of our partnership working across Hertfordshire. The Partnership has been through a period of significant transition over the past 18 months, but members of our team have continued to perform exceptionally well in maintaining our position as sector leaders in this field. Quest is an exacting process, and to achieve the outstanding accreditation is an endorsement of that effort and something that we are delighted to have achieved.”

For more information about the Partnership’s work, please visit