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  • 11 March 2015 00:00
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It's never too late to start breaking records...

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Having never been a runner through his childhood, 95-year-old Charles Eugster crushed the world record for the 200 metres sprint.

Retired dentist, Charles Eugster – dubbed the world’s fittest old aged pensioner – eclipsed the previous world’s best for over-95s by 2.4 seconds as he stormed around an indoor track in 55.48 seconds at the British Masters Athletics Championships in London.

Only a decade ago, at the ripe age of 85, Charles decided to get into fitness to prevent ageing, but has quickly gone on to break records and accumulate dozens of medals. 

A delighted Eugster said at the finish line: "It proved you can set challenges and goals at any age and achieve them.”

Incredibly, Usain Bolt’s world record mark of 19.19 seconds over the same distance is just under three times faster than Eugster’s time. Not bad given there are 67 years between the pair.

Eugster’s coach Sylvia Gattiker said: "He only started running competitively last year and he has broken all these records...He celebrated by having a sleep. It was a fantastic achievement.”

Charles’ truly remarkable feat is inspiring and shows it is never too late to start getting active.

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