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  • 28 October 2015 00:00
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Jessica Ennis-Hill relates to girl's confidence issues in sport

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Jessica Ennis-Hill called for more to be done to encourage the nation's young people, particularly girls, to play sport as a means of boosting their confidence, health and wellbeing.

Meanwhile, a new YouGov study for Sky Academy of over 1,600 young people and 600 parents across the country shows girls have less confidence than boys in almost all situations, apart from online when using social media.

Over two thirds (66%) of girls say their confidence is influenced by how attractive or unattractive they feel, compared to just 46% of boys; and over half of girls (51%) say the clothes they wear affects their confidence whilst this impacts only a third of boys (36%).

Figures also revealed that girls' confidence is often hit when dealing with new and unfamiliar experiences, as more than half of girls (54%) say they feel unconfident when trying something they have not done before, compared with 41% boys.  While 61% of girls struggle with confidence when starting a first day at school, college or a job, compared to only 46% of boys.

Sky Academy Ambassador, Jessica Ennis-Hill, said: "Confidence has played a big part in my success as an athlete. The enjoyment, focus and determination sport gave me as a young person was a huge part of developing my confidence and self-belief as I grew up.

"I am passionate about young people, particularly girls, taking part in sport and I am delighted to be part of Sky Academy's Confidence Day. Sport can improve health, wellbeing and confidence while also teaching valuable life skills."

Find out more by visiting the Youth Sports Trust

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