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Live the Olympic and Paralympic Values

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Reward young people for working through a series of challenges and demonstrating their commitment to the Olympic Values of friendship, excellence and respect and the Paralympic Values of inspiration, determination, courage and equality. Activities support Ofsted requirements as well as building character and resilience in students. Teachers can track their progress online and unlock fantastic rewards and athlete messages when they complete the award.

Since their Get Set journey began 5 years ago, Helme CE (VA) Junior & Infant School have adopted the Values as their own. They aim to demonstrate the Values in all areas of school life and award certificates every week in their Assembly. Recently, they organised their very own Dance Off competition which celebrated the value of equality, which involved a Strictly Come Dancing routine that included the whole school!

‘We all worked as separate teams for our Dance Off competition, but we were also one great big team supporting each other. This shows that the value of equality was there for all to see. There were girls and boys dancing together and we also had some children who have support workers, who danced in groups like everyone else. We all performed together and looked out for each other.’
Alex aged 9, Helme CE (VA) Junior & Infant School

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