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  • 04 August 2014 00:00
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London 2012 legacy story on the right track but still lots to do says Coe

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The Prime Minister’s Olympic and Paralympic Legacy Ambassador Lord Sebastian Coe said he is pleased with how the legacy story is progressing two years on from the London 2012 Games but warned that there is still lots more to do. 

Coe successfully led the London 2012 bid team to victory in Singapore in 2005 and then played a key role in staging one of the greatest Olympic and Paralympic Games in history.

Following the success of the Games, the Government’s second annual report on the London 2012 legacy shows that the UK is on track to secure a strong legacy from the world’s greatest sporting event but Coe stressed that he sees it as a ten-year rather than a two-year project.

"I am very pleased with the story so far,” Coe told Community Sport Network.

"A great deal has been accomplished in the past 12 months, as the report shows.  

"But lots remains to be done! 

"I have talked about legacy as a ten-year programme up to 2022, just as it took us ten years to deliver the Games from the start of planning for the bid. 

"I am therefore pleased that Government and the Mayor of London have published a long-term vision which sets out their aspirations for 2022.

"I’m also glad to have been involved in the launch of ‘Moving More, Living More’ earlier this year, which makes a clear statement of intent from Government and the Mayor to reduce physical inactivity.”

Coe also revealed that his role as the Prime Minister’s Legacy Ambassador has put him in a good position to help personally consolidate the legacy of the Games.

"I was delighted to be asked by the Prime Minister to take up this role and I have greatly enjoyed the position,” he said.

"For one thing it has enabled me to continue to promote the spirit of the 2012 Games which so inspired the country. 

"It has also enabled me to ask questions of Ministers and to challenge constructively.  

"The big challenge at the end of the Games was whether the legacy could live up to the Games themselves. 

"I think we are well on the way to delivering that.”

On a personal level, Coe continues to be linked with a number of high-profile positions – having recently ruled himself out of the running to become BBC Trust Chairman despite being overwhelming favorite for the job.

He now appears most likely to run for the Presidency of the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) next year but admits that he is night entirely clear what the future holds for him.

"Who knows?!” he said.

"I am lucky that my career has always been very varied and at the moment I am really enjoying the opportunity to chair CSM, one of the world’s leading sports marketing agencies, as well as being Vice-President of the IAAF and Chairman of the British Olympic Association (BOA).”

To read the full "Catch Up” interview with Lord Sebastian Coe, Click Here 
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