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London Marathon runners raise record-breaking £260 million for charity over last five years

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Newly published figures have revealed that London Marathon runners have raised over a quarter of a billion pounds raised for charity in the last five years.

When Virgin was announced as the title sponsor of the London Marathon in 2010, the ambition was to work together to reach a charity record fundraising target of £1/4 billion in five years. 

The announcement means that the target has now been surpassed with the total raised for charity in the five years of Virgin Money sponsorship now standing at £261.4 million.

Record-breaking figures show that £50.6 million was raised in 2010, £51.8 million in 2011, £52.8 million in 2012, £53.0 million in 2013 and £53.2 million in 2014.

Virgin founder Sir Richard Branson has expressed his delight. 

"When Virgin first got involved with the London Marathon we set the bar high and challenged runners to not only complete their 26 miles, but within five years also help raise £¼ billion for good causes,” said Branson

"Today's news shows that not only have we all risen to that challenge, but during the 2014 Virgin Money London Marathon we smashed right through it.” 

Individual runners in the 2014 Virgin Money London Marathon set yet another record figure for charity fundraising for good causes by generating £53.2 million. 

The average amount raised by every London Marathon Golden Bond charity runner was £2,407.

It is the eighth consecutive year that London Marathon entrants have broken the Guinness World Record for the largest annual single-day charity fundraising event worldwide.

These figures bring the total raised for hundreds of charitable causes since the race began in 1981 to more than £716 million with 924,741 runners having completed the race since it started 34 years ago.

"We are extremely pleased to reach the quarter of a billion pound figure in only five years with our partnership with Virgin Money, and especially delighted that this year’s amazing London Marathon runners have, once again, raised a record-breaking amount of money for charity,” said Virgin Money London Marathon race director Hugh Brasher.

"Lots of charity runners raise their money through Virgin Money Giving, our not-for-profit fundraising website.

"Over £77m has been raised to date by Marathon fundraisers using Virgin Money Giving, and long may they continue to do so."

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