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London's Sports Tech Industry boosted by announcement of new sport technology

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Announcement made at Sport 2.0 – The Digital Revolution Continues event advances ambition to make London the sports tech capital of the world by bolstering connections between technology and sport sectors in the capital

London’s sports technology industry was boosted on the 15th November 2016 with the announcement of a new tech hub to support London’s fastest growing SportTech and FitTech start-ups. Backed by a partnership between London Sport and London & Partners, the incubator will be London’s first sports tech hub to bring together leading sports industry companies and start-ups under the same roof. 

The new facility will be housed in London Sport’s four-story forthcoming ‘House of Sport’ project, providing tech, digital and data start-ups with direct access to the sport sector in an environment designed to foster innovation and collaboration.

Set to open in early 2017, the tech hub will help to advance national efforts to bring the sport and technology industries closer together while providing bespoke support to start-ups focussing on SportTech and FitTech. 

Backed by London & Partners, the Mayor of London’s promotional company and London Sport, the tech hub will support early-stage tech that can help create happier, healthier and more active populations in London, nationally and globally.

Peter Fitzboydon, Chief Executive, London Sport said:
"Building effective partnerships with technology is the biggest opportunity for getting more people active in the foreseeable future. London’s standing as a global hub of tech innovation makes it the perfect place to form these partnerships, and this new tech hub will create an environment which breaks down barriers and opens up opportunities for start-ups, for the sport-sector and, ultimately, for people in London and around the world who want to be more active in a way that works for them.”

Scott Thompson, Chief Commercial Officer, London & Partners added:
"London is a leading global centre for sport and is open to innovation and technology from all over the world. The success of London’s booming tech sector has been built on a culture which encourages entrepreneurs, large corporates and start-ups to share ideas and collaborate. This is the essence of the sports tech lab which will be London’s first dedicated sport and health tech lab to bring together some of the country’s biggest sports bodies and London’s best sports tech start-ups under the same roof. 

"From sports tech to events tech, we see an opportunity across a range of technology sectors to establish incubators which bring together the right people from London’s tech community. We have already had some great success supporting the growth of some of London’s most exciting travel technology start-ups with our Travel Tech lab and we look forward to replicating this with the sports technology incubator.”  

The London Sport and London & Partners Sport Tech Hub will be open to start-up and early-stage tech companies focussed specifically on making it easier for people to be involved in physical activity and sport, and will support up organisations looking to build relationships with the sport sector in London.
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