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London's best unusual workouts

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Alternatives to the gym...

As the country gets set for summer and the forthcoming Olympis Games, it’s time to properly focus on fitness and getting in shape. If you find visiting the gym tedious or too solitary, or simply want to spend time exercising outdoors while the weather’s good, London has plenty of unconventional exercise options available. From rock climbing to swing dancing, the selection of unusual London workouts should cater to all interests and fitness levels.

The humble hula hoop has graduated from children’s play thing to adult exercise aid. The London Hula Hoopers group holds classes in Kennington, Islington and Hackney to get new comers started and teach regular hoopers more advanced tricks. "It’s a gym in a plastic circle” they promise, and you’re sure to be left out of breath after an hour-long session (during which time someone weighing 11st would use around 320 calories). Regular hip-centred hooping tones the waist and abdominal muscles, but the more body parts you integrate into your hooping routine the more muscles you work. Class prices vary but typically cost less than £10, with hula hoops generally provided. Once you’ve mastered the basics you can get your own hoop and easily do it at home for free too.

For more of London’s vest unusual workouts visit:

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