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Major rebrand for new look Dame Kelly Holmes Trust

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Dame Kelly Holmes Trust has announced a major rebrand in which they have changed their name and unveiled a brand new logo. 

The charity was is headed by founder and chair Dame Kelly Holmes, who memorably became the first British female athlete to win both the 800m and 1500m at the Athens 2004 Olympic Games.

The charity was founded as the Dame Kelly Holmes Legacy Trust but has rebranded as the Dame Kelly Holmes Trust.

The rebranding has also seen the charity change their tagline to "Getting lives on track” after it was previously "Getting young lives on track”.

But despite the rebrand the Dame Kelly Holmes Trust stressed that their mission has not changed and that they are still focused on getting lives on track by using the experience of world class athletes to engage, enable and empower disadvantaged young people across the country.

Dame Kelly Holmes Trust are hopeful the rebrand will give the organisation more prominence. 

"Having tested and consulted key audiences over the past six months, we discovered our brand was losing impact because of the inconsistent use of our name,” said a Dame Kelly Holmes Trust statement. 

"For this reason we have carried out a brand refresh to simplify our name, without changing our mission.

"And why are we changing our tagline? 

"Our athletes told us that the "young” in the tagline wasn’t always a true reflection as the age range of our athletes varies. 

"That’s why the "young” has been dropped and the new tagline reads "Getting lives on track”, reflecting both athletes and young people.”

To celebrate the rebrand, Dame Kelly Holmes Trust has released a new film to tell their story.

It is the first in a series of films that will be released each day this week to highlight some of the incredible journeys our young people and athletes have been on

To view the Dame Kelly Holmes Trust film, Click Here 

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