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Mark of Distinction for excellence in coaching to be launched

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The Physical Activity and Sport Mark of Distinction

Developing and Celebrating Excellence in Coaching in schools

Fit for the purpose: innovative new approach puts school coaching standards to the test

‘For me, a key attribute for coaches is to instil the right values; in particular, a growth mindset. Sport is, to my mind, morally neutral. If it is coached badly, the kids will take all the wrong lessons. But coached in the right way, it can inculcate the vital sense that success comes from sacrifice and application. These lessons transcend sport, which is why they are so powerful.’
- Matthew Syed, former British No1 table tennis player and author of Bounce, The Myth of Talent and the Power of Practice

With the launch next week (Tuesday 20th October) of their unique Mark of Distinction for excellence in coaching, Crichton Casbon Consulting Ltd. and 4Capacities are using the brand name IgnitED to meet head-on the challenges faced by primary schools in identifying the best providers of high-quality physical activity and sport for the UK’s youngsters. ( )

"From my perspective as a Headteacher, I really welcome this award as it will save considerable time in sifting through the range of offers of services I receive. It will make me feel confident that I can choose a provider that will ensure my children are getting the quality of coaching they deserve.”
- Nikki St John, Headteacher St Katharine’s C of E Primary, Bournemouth

A gold standard for ‘quality and impact of coaching’ – and the first of its kind – the innovative award is the brainchild of Crichton Casbon, a nationally and internationally recognised expert in the physical curriculum. The award is exclusively for companies, organisations and National Governing Bodies that provide physical activity and sport programmes for schools. They are invited to attend one of the seminars taking place. These are free of charge and designed to answer all your questions. Others that are interested are welcome too.

 Tuesday 20th October 10.30am  Radisson Blu, Bloomsbury, London
 Thursday 22nd October 3.30pm  Wright Robinson College, Manchester
 Monday 26th October 10.00am  PEAK offices, Sunderland
 Tuesday 27th October 1.00pm  Aspire Sports Offices, Birmingham
 Thursday 29th October 3.00pm  Frenchfield Sports Centre, Carleton, Penrith
 Tuesday 3rd October 2.00pm  Sheffield United, Bramall Lane, Sheffield

Is the Mark of Distinction for you?

The Mark of Distinction will be awarded to NGBs, companies and organisations that provide sport and physical activity programmes which make a real difference to children and young people’s learning and lives.

 Do you provide sport and physical activity services and programmes to schools, children and/or young people?  Yes 
 Is your coaching and leading of children and young people consistently of good to excellent quality?
 Do you deserve a Mark of Distinction that demonstrates your coaching is better than other competitors in this business?

This exciting new award is designed to:
 Identify and promote providers that continually provide high-quality coaching
 Set them apart from poor-quality providers in the sector 
 Increase their reputations and marketability

Why have we developed the Mark of Distinction?

Many NGBs, companies and organisations provide excellent physical activity and sport programmes for children and young people. However, there is strong evidence that other providers are less rigorous and are offering poor-quality coaching and badly-designed programmes. 

At the moment, there is no way for schools and parents to tell the difference.

If you hold the Mark of Distinction, schools and parents will know that: 
 You deliver programmes with the quality of coaching required to keep standards high
 Your coaching is better quality than competitors without the award
 Their children are receiving the best experiences and programmes possible
 The quality of your coaching will enhance inspection judgements

We are determined to work with providers to achieve excellence in coaching!

For more information and support, please contact:

 Crichton Casbon (CC Consulting Ltd.)
 T: 01323 871 841
 M: 07860 134 759
Doug Folan (4Capacities)
01835 860 320
07782 110 497

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