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National Lottery making a difference!

Sport England are showcasing projects that help young people get active as part of a campaign by National Lottery distributors.

They know that sport and activity has the power to transform lives.

Whether it’s the news that 10 minutes of brisk walking each day can make a big difference to your health, pioneering investment to look into the role of sport in tackling crime or accreditation schemes to support talented young athletes, sport and activity has a huge role to play.

It sounds obvious, but the impact of doing something is better than doing nothing at all. It only takes a small amount of regular activity to make a big difference – especially for those who are least active.
The benefits of regular exercise stretch beyond mental and physical wellbeing too, improving local communities, the economy and social development.

This is why Sport England are working so that everyone in England, regardless of age, background or ability, feels able to take part in sport or activity. Some might be fit and talented, but others won’t be so confident.
Without the support of the National Lottery, Sport England wouldn’t be able to do much of the work that we do.

From traditional team sports to activities like walking or going to the gym – they're building an active nation that caters for everyone.

Key to this vision is funding from the National Lottery. It is behind many of the projects that Sport England has supported over the years.

For 2016-17, National Lottery funding made up around 66 per cent of the money that was awarded to projects for the year, with the remaining 34 per cent provided by the Government.


The total money raised by National Lottery players is distributed by 12 bodies independent from Government, including Sport England themselves and organisations like the Arts Council England, Heritage Lottery Fund Open in a new window and UK Sport.

The Code for Sports Governance – developed alongside UK Sport and launched in October last year – sets out the levels of transparency, accountability and financial integrity required from those who ask for Government and National Lottery funding.

Since 2009, Sport England has invested more than £1.5 billion of National Lottery money into projects that are making a difference to lives across the country.

Whether it’s a clubhouse that has been rejuvenated in the north east, a new project that gets more disabled people active in south London, or one of the hundreds of sports that have been funded to get more people active, Sport England has been able to back great initiatives thanks to National Lottery players.


To recognise this, Sport England are showcasing a number of National Lottery-funded projects that have impacted on the lives and wellbeing of young people as part of a month-long campaign by National Lottery distributors.

The campaign is being coordinated by the Big Lottery Fund, which is responsible for distributing 40 per cent of all funds raised for good causes by the National Lottery.

Its funding supports the aspirations of people who want to make life better for their communities – and the role of young people plays a big part in that.

Getting more children and young people into sport and activity is one of the key features of Sport England's strategy.

They're working to ensure young people from the age of five all the way up to university-age and beyond are able to enjoy the benefits of sport and physical activity.

Sport England aims to make them feel more motivated, confident and able to get active – which will also increase the likelihood of being active later in life.