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  • 28 February 2014 00:00
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New £5 million flood relief fund for sport announced following storms

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Sport England have announced a special £5 million flood relief fund to help recover pitches and repair sports facilities that have been damaged by the recent floods and storms that have battered the country in recent weeks.

The £5 million of National Lottery funding will be made available to sports clubs, local authorities and other community organisations for emergency repairs to damaged facilities such as football, rugby and cricket pitches, water sports centres, pavilions, changing rooms and floodlights.

Those needing funding to clean up and get up and running quickly can request up to £2,000 of emergency funding which could be awarded within three weeks.

This would cover minor works such as skip hire to remove sediment and rubbish, minor electrical works to restore power or cleaning work to get showers and changing rooms back up and running.

Those with more extensive damage which will take longer to repair will be invited to apply to the flood relief fund when it opens next month on 24 March.

Organisations that do not qualify for the flood relief fund will be given advice about other sources of funding that could help.

The fund will remain open until the autumn to ensure that those who are currently unable to assess the damage will not lose out.

On order to request assistance for the flood relief fund Click Here 

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