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  • 13 July 2015 00:00
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New Campaign Launch set to Get More Volunteers Involved in Grassroots Sports

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A campaign aimed at getting more people volunteering within grassroots sport has been launched. A joint initiative between Sports volunteering charity Join In and BBC Get Inspired have unveiled the Big Help Out campaign.

The campaign, launched with help from comedian Eddie Izzard and Baroness Tanni Grey-Thompson, has the goal of encouraging 10,000 new volunteers to help out at local sports clubs, groups and events.

With seven out of 10 sports clubs reporting they need more help the campaign is set to help more people in the community enjoy sport. 

3.2 million people give some of their free time to sport across the UK, however Join In research has found that for every volunteer at a sports club, an additional 8.5 participants can enjoy community sport.

With the Big Help Out campaign aiming to add 10,000 new volunteers, the knock on effect is to dramatically increase capacity for sporting participation.

"Real heroes don’t wear capes or masks, they’re in the community around us, helping out at local sports clubs and using their super skills to help with fundraising, coaching, social media and everything else it takes,” said Izzard.

For more information on the Big Help Out campaign, click here.

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