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New Children's Commissioner Backs School Sport Survey

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The new Children’s Commissioner for Wales has called on schools to embrace the national School Sport Survey as an aid to make lasting health and well-being changes for young people.
Sally Holland has highlighted the importance of listening to young people to make sporting experiences as engaging as possible.
The survey, the largest of its kind in the UK, saw 110,000 school pupils across Wales complete the online questionnaire in 2013.
"Giving young people a voice is crucial and something that the School Sport Survey gives on a very large scale,” commented Sally Holland.
"We have to be able to listen to views, thoughts, opinions and perceptions if we are going to truly engage with young people and give them positive experiences.”
With the biennial survey now open throughout the summer term, the hope is to match and surpass the record-breaking response rate. Schools and pupils have until the end of term to complete the survey and get a formal report on their pupils’ attitudes to sport and activity.
She added:
"For schools, listening to pupils is not only the right thing to do but it can draw out vital information about life in and out of the school yard and classroom that can be tracked over time. 
"As well as evidence to use for Estyn or as feedback to parents, this is all about young people’s health and well-being while enjoying sport. The survey helps make informed decisions on what makes young people happy and will get them more active now, and in the long-term.”
The Survey will formally close on the 17th July 2015.  Schools that have yet to take part are encouraged to seek support in doing so by contacting Sport Wales for their local support lead 
For more information about the survey visit

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