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New Greater Sport strategy aims to get £2 million people moving!

On November 23rd 2017 GreaterSport launched their new strategy ‘Changing Our Lives Together’. This strategy takes an organisational focus outlining the important role that GreaterSport will have in partnering GM Moving and provides a framework for action with partners working across Greater Manchester. The overall aim is to get 2 MILLION people moving across Greater Manchester.

The strategy launch was supported by Greater Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham, Paralympic athlete Claire Cashmore amongst local and national partners.
Guests at the launch shared their stories; some were about getting active whereas others were about inspiring others to be active too. They spoke about the difference that Physical Activity and Sport has had on them and these stories did not just look at being physically fit but also the difference activity can and has had mentally.

As a high performing charity passionate about positively changing the lives of people across the city region and making Greater Manchester the most active region in England, Greater Sport believe that physical activity and sport has a major contribution to make to the health, wealth and wellbeing of Greater Manchester residents. This is the ambition outlined within GM Moving: The Plan for Physical Activity and Sport.
Working closely with partners nationally and across Greater Manchester, Greater Sport bring expertise, value, leadership and a strong track record of delivery to the acceleration of physical activity and sport engagement in the city-region.

Yvonne Harrison, CEO GreaterSport commented; "Changing our Lives Together drives us forward with clarity and purpose, and describes how GreaterSport wholeheartedly commits to working alongside our partners to help achieve life changing outcomes for people across Greater Manchester.”

The priorities of Changing Our Lives Together looks at activity across the life course (start, develop, live and age well) as well as the workforce and other factors like place, insight, evaluation and marketing.
To read more about Changing Our Lives Together and GreaterSport’s ambitions see