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  • 26 November 2013 00:00
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New guide released to help build links between sport and disability networks

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An innovative new guide has been released in a move to help link local sport provision across the country with the wider disability networks.

The Engagement Guide has been produced by the English Federation of Disability Sport (EFDS) in partnership with the County Sports Partnership Network (CSPN) with the support of Sport England.

The guide looks to support County Sports Partnerships and other local sports providers so they can build and strengthen their relationships in the disability sector in order to get more disabled people participating in sport at grassroots level. 

The guide enables organisations to improve their own reach and provide examples of successful good practice. 

Although it has been developed for CSPs as the primary audience, it has many benefits for other local providers. 

 "The reality is that the majority of disabled people like non-disabled people access sport at a local level and whilst some go on to become elite athletes most maintain their activity through local opportunities,” said EFDS Chief Executive Barry Horne.

"This extra support means more disabled people have a wider choice to enjoy sport and stay active for life”.
Advice provided in the guide emphasises that successful engagement is not a simple process and to be effective, it needs to involve a range of people, especially disabled people themselves. 

This ensures local provision is evidence-based and targets the right participants in the right way. 

With support, CSPs can form new relationships and build on their existing networks which should lead to more innovative ideas and more opportunities in sport and physical activity for disabled people. 

"The publication provides CSPs with an excellent guide to existing and new funding, as well as the delivery networks, said Tees Valley Sport Executive Director Jean Lordon on behalf of CSPN.

"These will be influential in supporting more disabled people to participate in sport and physical activity.”

Sport England’s Active People Survey showed four out of five disabled people are not active but in EFDS’s recent lifestyle report on disabled people’s participation - seven in ten want to increase the amount of physical activity they take part in.

This highlights a latent demand for more opportunities and ways to enjoy being active.
The same lifestyle report determined that disabled people are looking for more opportunities in their area. 

Six in ten of those surveyed claimed that either a lack of awareness of opportunities or a lack of available opportunities is what prevents them from taking part in sport and physical activity.

To download the Engagement Guide, Click Here
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