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Number of disabled people participating in sport will continue to rise predicts EFDS CEO

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English Federation of Disability Sport (EFDS) CEO Barry Horne says the insight-based strategy now being used to invest in sports participation will ensure that the number of disabled people involved will continue to rise.

Sport England’s most recent Active People Survey revealed that a record number of disabled people now play sport each week. 

The number has increased by 62,000 over the last year, bringing the total number to its highest recorded figure ever of 1.67 million. 

This rise has been largely attributed to the impact of the London 2012 Paralympics and the increased, insight-based investment in grassroots disability sport from Sport England.

"Since London 2012, there has been significantly more money coming into grassroots disability sport,” EFDS CEO Barry Horne exclusively told Community Sport Network. 

"Working with Sport England, we are ensuring that all the money invested in disability sport is spent more strategically than before so that the spending is insight-based. 

"Sport England’s Inclusive Sport Fund is investing increasingly on innovative projects designed to increase participation in ways that we have not attempted before and that is a good thing because we are really discovering what disabled people want and what they respond best to.

"In the past, we were simply investing in the same old things but we are now using insight to invest only in the things that work. 

"With this strategy in place, I would be very disappointed if we did not continue to see a big upturn in the number of disabled people playing sport in the Active People Survey for the foreseeable future.

"Our aim is to increase opportunities at all levels of participation and I strongly believe the insight based strategy we are now using to invest in disability sport will make that happen.”

To read the full exclusive "Catch-Up” interview with Barry Horne, Click Here

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