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One arm reaches millions: Tommy's Story

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One arm reaches millions: Tommy’s Story


Three-year-old Tommy Morrissey's story is as inspiring as it gets, and he continues to break barriers and prove doubters wrong.


Tommy Morrissey from Florida was born without a right arm under the elbow, but is proving to millions of people around the world that this won’t prevent him from playing the sport he loves – golf.


Despite the fact Tommy was meant to be right handed, he learnt to adapt his movements and use his opposite arm. He can now not only swing clubs with his left hand, but hits it 70 yards off the tee with a driver – very impressive for such a youngster.


Tommy’s mother says "there is nothing he can’t do as long he has the right attitude” and Tommy himself says "I do my best.”


Tommy’s positivity and strength through adversity is inspirational and uplifting and he hopes to reach and encourage millions of people to understand that challenges, no matter how difficult, can be overcome.


With the success and legacy of the Paralympics, disability sport continues to make huge leaps and bounds, inspiring more and more people to get active.

Watch his inspirational video:

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