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  • 06 December 2015 00:00
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PE and school sports: driving positive youth development and whole-school improvement

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Optimus Education’s PE & School Sports conference in November was an opportunity for delegates to hear from inspirational PE speakers and gain up-to-date guidance on issues including the future of PE and school sport, new responsibilities, and a ‘mastery’ approach to the PE curriculum. With a 97% delegate satisfaction rate, no surprise that a head of PE said of it: "A conference which has inspired me to think about my own practice and adapt and develop the way that I teach.”

 Dr Rachel Sandford from Loughborough University gave a keynote on the potential for positive youth development (PYD) through PE and sport, citing compelling benefits including resilience, improved academic performance and a readiness for life beyond school.  A research base on their effectiveness as a ‘vehicle’ for PYD is growing, and the 5Cs – competence, confidence, connection, character and compassion/caring – are acknowledged as qualities that participation can develop.

Sue Wilkinson from the Association for Physical Education spoke about leadership in PE and school sport and the difference they make to whole-school improvement. She outlined the qualities effective leaders need, from having a vision and ambition to providing extra-curricular activities. The benefits for pupils are immense; they become self-assured learners who are respectful to others, well behaved and rarely miss school.

Optimus will be holding its next PE & School Sports event in November 2016; for more details follow our twitter feed   @PE_SchoolSport 

You can attend all Optimus Education events for free when your school becomes a member of Unlimited CPD.* Find out more at

Community Sport Network is delighted to have been media partner to Optimus for this event
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